Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My first day at camp! :)

Today was the best! It was my first time at camp, we did kayaking! I went kayaking when I was little.

I went in a double seated kayak and a single seated kayak. The first one I went in was the double seated kayak with Trinity, then I went on the single one which I almost fell out of!!!

I was doing one side and my paddle fell in the water as I was turning but I grabbed it just before I was about to fall!! I was scared but luckily I didn't fall out of the kayak.... That would of been way to scary... What if there were sharks?! What if I drowned?! Now that makes me scared! I'm lucky I got to go kayaking though! It was amazing.

I couldn't wait until we went. I do miss my family but I will see them on Friday! I do miss them alot, I can't sleep with my favourite teddy either, we aren't aloud to bring toys along.....

Which makes me sad... I'll be better when its the next day don't worry. Soon I'll be doing lots more, soon we are going to the G.I. Pools to have a swim then take a shower which will annoy me because when I get my top on after the shower well... It's hard to get it untangled... So all I do is either pick another shirt or else I'll just try to untangle it.
Here is a picture of when we went kayaking!


  1. Hello, Amber. My name is William Taylor; I am a student at the University of South Alabama. South Alabama is located in Mobile, Alabama. Are you able to locate Mobile on a map? Mobile is a port city, and it is known for seafood and Mardi Gras. I was intrigued by your post because my family used to have a kayak. I like kayaking because you're out on the water, and it is good exercise. I'm glad you did not fall out of the kayak, and I enjoyed the photo you provided for your audience. I immensely enjoyed your blog post, and I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

    1. Hello William Taylor,
      I really liked your post about my post. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope you will see my 'Noah the Moa' post. And I do not know if I can locate Mobile by map sorry.


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